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Leadership Development and Human Resources from New York, New York

The Organization Effectiveness Group, based in New York, New York, is a consulting firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership training, and human resources. We are pleased to offer several options, including custom programs, for clients who seek change in their company, whether individually or as a whole.

Executive Coaching

The work environment has become increasingly challenging. There is a “new game” being played that requires executives to:
  • Do more with less
  • Break down functional walls
  • Raise performance standards at all levels
  • Build high performance work teams
  • Increase the depth and breadth of their skills and knowledge
Our objective is to provide key leaders and professionals with individual assessment, development planning, coaching and counseling to assist them in achieving their full potential within the organization.

Phase I: Awareness

Define organizations’s success criteria and the individual executive’s strengths and development needs:

  • Gather context and background information from the organization
  • Clarify program and organization’s goals for the executive
  • Determine client’s personal objectives for measuring program’s success
  • Conduct interviews to provide in-depth 360 feedback
  • Assess client’s work style
  • Identify factors contributing to/ interfering with present or future job success

Phase II: Strategy

Develop customized Development Plan:

  • Focus on behaviors, skills and techniques that need to be utilized to achieve development goals
  • Identify key relationships and situations in which to apply these skills and techniques
  • Determine how to prepare for and address these situations
  • Gain approval/support from the individual’s superior, as required
  • Identify individual’s specific interests in development and include them to support greater work satisfaction

Phase III: Goal Achievement

Individual coaching sessions to help client reach goals outlined in the development plan which are focused on:

  • Developing a leadership philosophy that provides executives with a formula for addressing issues and applying behavior in new situations
  • Planning strategies/ tactics/actions needed to achieve goals
  • Enhancing individual skills and techniques

Individual Benefits:

  • Gain self-knowledge of interests, skills and strengths
  • Greater job satisfaction and career focus
  • Improved performance
  • Improved relationships with colleagues at all levels
  • Substantial support for attaining desired results

Organizational Benefits:

  • Increased retention of strong contributors
  • Improved communication between leaders and their teams
  • More effective working relationships
  • Increased harmony between organizational needs and individual capabilities
  • A greater influx of creative ideas for maximizing performance
  • Enhance employee morale and productivity

Leadership Development and Training

Our strategy is to develop customized development programs which focus on leadership competencies that your leaders need to successfully achieve business results. Programs are engaging, practical and cost-effective. Participants leave with confidence and enthusiasm knowing they have the skills needed to have more impact in your organization.


Past programs have included: Coaching Skills , Leading Change, Emotional Intelligence, and Executive Leadership

Culture Change

Successful companies identify the required culture to support their business strategies early in the game. They assess their current culture and work specifically to build a culture of success. We have lead this process in business units in Manufacturing settings, E-Commerce, and Telecommunications and healthcare organizations

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