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New Leader/Manager Assimilation

The New Leader/Manager Assimilation process assists the incoming leader/manager and the existing team to become fully productive as quickly as possible. Research shows that it normally takes an incoming leader/manager six months to become fully productive. This process is designed to reduce the amount of organizational downtime spent in leader succession and increase the ability of incoming leaders to make accurate initial assessments of their organizations.

Benefits of this process include:

•    Boosting communication between the new leader and the team
•    Enabling the team to put its issues “on the table” and leave with a prioritized game plan
•    Helping to “clear the air” around issues that typically get in the way of effectively working together quickly:
     • What are the new leader’s expectations?
     • What is the new leader’s preferred working style?
     • What are the new leader’s agenda and priorities?
•    Providing a forum for airing/discussing the about questions in a facilitated setting
•    Allowing early identification of issues that the new leader must address soon in the position