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Success Stories

Organizational Restructuring and New Leadership Requirements:

Client: Fortune 10 global oil company
The Need: Transformation in a business unit with a  new vision
Required individual business unit heads within the division to create a new culture, requiring
How they assessed their own leadership skills

The Result: Every senior executive was coached, which enabled the executives to assess their current leadership style and practices against  new requirements in the new culture. This enabled the new business to launch with a stronger, better prepared leadership team

Client: B to B real estate services provider
The Need: To work with the senior staff to identify critical leadership competencies, recruit highly qualified staff and establish appropriate HR policies and practices to support new e-commerce venture.  

The Result: Supported the timely launch of this, filling all key positions in a timely manner, enabling them to enter the marketplace and achieve good success in the first six months of operation.

Client: A global financial services firm
The Need: The promotion of a senior manager in a very large Fund accounting group, required that he quickly improve his executive presence, command sensibilities and quickly gain the confidence of the team he needed to manage, while undergoing a huge change management initiative in the business.

The Result: Through ongoing coaching and feedback, including on-site observations, a development plan and detailed management practices helped him to raise his stature and be well-regarded. Continuing feedback helped to identify areas needing continuing focus. He remains today a valued member of the organization’s senior team, confidant and comfortable and continuing to be well-respected by the people he manages .He continues to move up in the organization.

Client: Global manufacturing company
The Need: Transformation of a company that had started as a small family business into a worldwide player in the manufacture and distribution of chemicals was undergoing a major re-organization and needed to asses senior staff and develop them according to a new and more effective set of leadership behaviors.

The Result: working with the CEO and a new leadership team, a new model of Leadership Competencies was developed and implemented. Each business unit head and senior staff member were assessed and provided with feedback and coaching for a period of a year to maximize their leadership effectiveness in launching the newly organized company

Women in Leadership

Client: A Major N.Y. University
The Need: A senior manager, completing a two year project for the president was interested in new position, either inside or outside the university. The president recognized this person as a talented resource and did not want to lose the individual, but specific options had yet to be developed. At the same time, it was felt that the manager could profit from executive coaching, particular regard to executive dress and presence, in an academic institution.

The Result: Through a comprehensive 360 interview process, self-assessments and discussions, it was possible to create a vibrant and challenging new position, exciting to the individual and on-target with current institutional needs. The person continues to thrive in senior management positions within the

Client: Senior V.P.  of a Global Financial Firm
The Need: The bright, successful, assertive head Of a fund was perceived as intolerant of others, uncaring, and unable to work as a part of a larger team.

The Result: Although initially resistant to coaching, this person grew to understand how the perceptions of peers, subordinates and senior managers impacted her ability to get better results. She successfully learned new behaviors that improved business relationships and business results.

Client: Global Communications Company
The Need: Team issues preventing new leader from being successful in her job. 

The Result: OEG facilitated a process that enabled direct reports to address issues they couldn’t/wouldn’t bring up to her. These issues were collected and addressed with the leader in private, allowing her to choose the issues she wanted to address with her team. As a result, she quickly re established her leadership, formed better relationships and realized better work performance from the team.

Talent Management Solutions 

Client: A large telecommunications company
The Need: The company lacked candidates for key positions. OEG members worked with the organization to establish a talent process that clearly identified qualified candidates.  This process included the development of leadership and functional competencies, assessment tools, stronger performance management tools and yearly talent review meetings at every level.

The Result:  The result was a succession plan that had “ready now” candidates for all key positions.  The process also identified areas where talent was lacking and developed comprehensive strategic and processes to quickly address these needs. 

Client: A Financial Solutions Company
The Need: The company received results from the “Great Places to Work” survey, which were disappointing. The CEO wanted all business units to identify improvement areas and create  plans to close gaps, but Leaders had difficulties getting their teams involved. They were also having difficulty writing up their plans. OEG developed a detailed action planning workbook and toolkit, and designed and conducted webinars to a global audience on interpreting survey results, involving team members and the action planning process.

The Result: Every leader had completed action plans addressing important cultural issues. The following year saw an increase in overall scores of 30% and leaders reported more comfort in  working with their teams

Client: major northeast utility company
The Need: The current Leadership Development Program did not address competencies required for key senior leadership positions.

The Result: Newly designed program included a business simulation, executive coaching and course work, to address identified gaps in leadership competencies, effectively addressing previous competency skill gaps

Client: Major Telecommunications Company
The Need: High potential candidates lacked a consistent training and development program to make them “ready now” in the company’s Succession plan.  The high potential pool also lacked diversity; i.e., there were very few women and minority candidates.

The Result: Newly designed blended learning development program effectively contained costs, created positive and practical learning experiences for a more diverse population and successfully prepared a new talent pool for increased responsibilities